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SMS Pricing

Our Bulk SMS delivery products offer the highest quality and best value for your ongoing needs.

At Veoo we have designed products from Bulk SMS delivery that are designed to be the best value for money for the type of messages and quality requirements for each send you have or ongoing needs. Please contact us so we can provide recommendations on the product(s) best suited to your requirements.

Veoo Direct Product

Routed using direct operator connections to maximise quality of routing, meaning this product is robust/highly reliable and with very low latency (fast delivery). It’s ideal for traffic requirements that are time dependent, mission critical or transaction based. Originator or content restrictions may be in place where these are imposed by the operator and these can be discussed if relevant to your requirements.

Veoo Standard

This is our de-facto/standard product that uses the best mix of routing options and backups to give good quality but at the best value for money.

Veoo Least Cost Routing (LCR)

As the name implies routed using mixed routing options and designed with value for money as the primary driver, this product is ideal for marketing messages for example, where there is no urgent time dependency or when price is the primary driver. We use our best endeavours to keep a quality of service on this product but due to the nature of the mixed routing used this occasionally drops and can lead to delays in delivery or short periods of downtime that we work hard to minimise and use backup routing where and when available.

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Click here for a free trial