Mobile Payments

We handle multi-client complexity for mobile operators and multi-operator complexity for businesses.

We have a wide range of Mobile Payment services, which include:

  • Premium SMS
  • Direct carrier billing
  • Short codes
  • Billing
  • Voice and Video
  • Detailed reporting

Direct Carrier Billing

Our direct carrier billing requires integration with the operator, but provides the following benefits:

Because the operator already has a billing relationship with the consumer, the payment is simply added to the bill

  • Provides instantaneous payment
  • Protects payment details and consumer identity
  • Delivers better conversion rates
  • Increases the credibility of the service

Premium Messaging

Our Premium Messaging enables you to purchase or subscribe to messaging programs provided by third party content providers, for premium charges.

Premium charges for subscriptions occur daily, weekly or monthly, while premium charges for purchase occur only once.

Services are initiated through short-codes.

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